This educational guide was not written by, endorsed or affiliated with Zynga, and is solely for educational purposes. FrontierVille is an interactive game where you carve out your own homestead in the wilderness.  Work with friends to chop and clear land, erect buildings, plant and tend crops, and even create your own family. With constant goals to keep you challenged this game is sure to please. GETTING STARTED
*Tip – Don’t like your avatar design? Don’t worry, your choice doesn’t have to be permanent.  At any point in the game you can make changes by clicking on the “My Stuff” icon and selecting the Family Album.  In the Family Album select the Customize button under your avatar picture and make whichever changes you’d like. Frontier Jack Wondering what’s next?  Well your friendly neighbor Frontier Jack will direct you to your first task, the clearing of your fields.  Don’t get overwhelmed!  Just follow Jacks instructions and work at it a little at a time. Frontier Jack is going to continue to directed you throughout the game.  He will deliver your mail, offer you new challenges and give you a friendly “Yee Haw!” when you’ve completed a collection. Level-Up Frontier Jack was kind enough to plant a few crops just in time for your arrival.   It’s time to harvest your corn and tomatoes, feed those cute chicks and check your mail.  Now you have a little money in your pocket and some experience to boot! Surprise, you’ve made it to level two! Now that you have started the game it’s time to learn how to navigate through it.  The following  are instructions to help you find your way around your homestead and a few tips to help you keep your panties from bunching while you take on the wilds! * Tip- At each new level your energy is refilled and increased and you receive a horseshoe which you can use to make “special” purchases. NAVIGATING THE GAME Status Meter At the top of the screen you will see your stats.  Starting from the top left, the coins show how much money you have earned, the log is how many logs you have collected, the slice of pie is how much food you have, the lightning bolt shows the amount of energy you have used,  the star shows your experience in a level, and the horseshoe is another form of currency, the most rare kind.  Challenges will also appear on the top of your screen in a column under the horseshoe  with an icon that will stay there until the challenge is completed. With the exception of the horseshoes all of these items are dropped onto your screen when you either clear land or harvest animals or crops.  They must be collected or they will disappear.  The Excellent! meter will give you a coin bonus for picking up your booty quickly.  So click away as fast as you can to score extra cash. When you visit a neighbors homestead your status meter will change only slightly.  You will notice above that the energy meter has been replaced with a heart meter.  This heart meter tracks your reputation.  When tending a neighbors homestead you will earn coins, food, experience (you may also earn logs and bonuses for your collections),  and you will also earn a heart for each service.  Once your heart meter is full your “reputation” will go up one level and collect a large food bonus. Lower Menu Visit your neighbors homestead, hire them to work your homestead, or send out gifts all at the bottom of your screen.  Click on your neighbors picture for those options to appear.  To quickly view and send your neighbor a gift from their Wish List move your curser over their picture and their wish list appears.  Simply click on the item you would like to send them. *Tip – Hiring a neighbor is a great way to get some extra work done when you’re out of energy.  It will cost you 50 coins for each hire and it is money well spent.  The neighbor will complete 5 tasks for the 50.  But you are limited to hiring two neighbors each day. Gray Sub-Menu The triangle to the left will minimize/maximize the gray submenu.  The eye will lower the game resolution on your screen.  The speaker will mute miscellaneous game sounds such as animal noises. The musical note mutes the music. The magnifying glasses will zoom in and out while the two-squares icon will maximize the game into full screen mode. Selecting the Arrow icon will open another menu where you can choose to move, rotate, or sell your possessions.  To go back to your regular curser select the arrow again. Market Visit the Market to buy your must-need homestead items.
On the Special page is where limited or rare items are found to purchase.  But the cost is going to be high. Horseshoes are the currency used and they have to be either earned by leveling-up or actually purchased via credit card.  To buy more horseshoes select the blue Add Horseshoes button at the top of the  Market menu. By selecting the Crops button you can choose which crops you would like to plant.  The current options are: clover, tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, wheat, cotton, flax, corn, peas, peanuts, sunflowers, and eggplant.  An effective way to level-up often is to plant crops regularly and maintain a constant crop rotation. Under the Trees tab are the fruit trees available for purchase.  The present options include: cherry, apple, pear, peach, and apricot.  You may also purchase a fully grown pine or oak tree for horseshoes or immature ones for 350 coins.  You are probably thinking “why buy trees that grow automatically?”  The answer is that you have to have trees to grow trees.  If you have over-cleared your land no trees will grow.  Or if a neighbor has chopped down a tree that you particularly liked you may purchase a replacement (this has happened to me).  You may also earn these trees by completing certain collections or receive them as gifts from neighbors. Buy your animals under the animal tab.  The current choices are: chicken, goat, sheep, pig, cow, ox, mule, horse, and goose.  Again, all of these animals are also awarded by completing certain collections and may be received as gifts from neighbors. Under the Buildings tab you can purchase… you guessed it, buildings.  And that word is as it implies.  All buildings must be built.  There is a challenge in each structure.  You must use your energy to pound away on the building, the number of whacks depends on the kind of building. Once you are done building you must collect an assortment of tools.  The tools range from hand drills and bricks to paint and hammers, etc. All of these tools must be purchased or gifted… they are never awarded.  This makes completing the buildings a little difficult because you must have your neighbors participation.  I recommend sending daily requests and swindle deals if necessary!  The current building options are:  cabin, general store, barn, school house, inn, covered wagon, chicken coop, and sawmill. *Tip – As you level-up  there will be building challenges and sometimes even several of the same building. If you have already completed a building before the challenge has been set you will have to purchase another one and do it again.  I recommend waiting for the game to prompt you so that you don’t have to go through a building challenge without getting a bonus. * Tip- Keep a nice stockpile of tools.  You will always need them in a building challenge and some building require a lot. On the Decorations page you can purchase an assortment of items to spruce up your homestead.  Most of the items cost coins or logs but the best ones, of course, cost horseshoes. Many of these choices are really fun so save up your horseshoes and plan ahead.  It wouldn’t be a real homestead without an outhouse! Energy!  Ah, a must have.  Click on the energy tab to purchase your lightning in a meal.  A whole guide can be written about the best ways to gain and spend your energy.  But alas, I only have a few tips for you in this guide.  See below for an energy breakdown and a few tips to help you get the most out of your fuel. My Stuff Reach into your Gifts box to view what has just come in.  Don’t worry, if you were expecting to find something  and it’s not there it has probably been moved into your Inventory. The Inventory is where all your gifts, bonuses, and unused decorations can be found, gifted and used.  You can also add to your wish list of an item you already have by clicking on the green plus sign (+) right next to it.   Send your wish list to your wall  by selecting the Share button. There are so many Collections there are too many to list.  These collections can be really fun but some are harder to complete than others.  For example the groundhog collection.  When the groundhog pest arrives he must be beaten into submission.  This takes several whacks but when he’s good ‘n gone the award is usually coins and experience.  Occasionally however, you will also find a random treat.  Once all the treats are collected and the reward is traded in you will receive four extra energy.  I’ve been working on the groundhog collection for months and I still haven’t found the pumpkin rind. If this happens to you with any collection, just add the item to your wish list by selecting the green ( + ) sign and beg  your neighbors to share from their bounty. *Tip – By the way, it’s not necessary to clobber pests.  If they are in the way of your work just use the Move tool to pick up the crop or animal you want to harvest and move it away from the pests red zone.   This comes in handy when you first start playing and you have a great deal to accomplish with very little energy.  I have heard of players being able to move the pest to a new location but have never been able to do this myself. *Tip – Most neighbors can be lured into giving you a much needed item if a trade is on the table. Gifting Everyone loves to give gifts. Whether it’s a fun and decorative knick knack or something useful it is always a pleasure to give.  Practice the art of gift giving daily in FrontierVille! In fact, your neighbor is relying on you to provide certain gifts to help them progress through the game.  While your screen is minimized you can go to the Free Gifts tab to give one gift to each friend each day.  The current options include items such as energy in a meal, building materials, fruit trees, livestock, decorations, and even occasional items to help people with a challenge. * Tip- you may also send from your own abundance at your Inventory screen.  Select the present icon next to an item you would like to send and select which neighbor will be the lucky recipient. The Ink Pen and Spitball are examples of challenge items that can be gifted from the Free Gifts tab. Wish List Gifting Another way to bless your neighbor is to give them an item on their Wish List from your personal inventory.  You are not limited in giving away these items if you have them. There are a few ways to give according to a Wish List. 1. Move curser over neighbors avatar at the bottom of your screen.  Their Wish List will pop out.  If you have the item a SEND GIFT button appears under it. Select the SEND GIFT button and a menu prompts you to choose how many of the item you would like to send. 2. While checking your News Feed you may see a Wish List posting from a neighbor.  Select the Send Items link at the bottom of the request to see if you have any of the items to send.  This will redirect you to the My Neighbors tab in FrontierVille which is located on a the top of the screen while the game is minimized.  If you go to the My Neighbors tab through this route the only options visible will be that specific neighbors Wish List as seen below. 3. You may also go directly to the My Neighbors tab while your game is minimized to view all of your neighbors Wish Lists at once. *Tip – Be careful when gifting from your personal inventory. You may need those items for an up-coming challenge.  Keep your generosity to a minimum because some of these items are really hard to get your hands on. Neighbors In our privileged time our requests to our neighbors (if we even know them) may be to borrow a cup of sugar, or an egg or two.  Maybe you’ve gone out of town and asked your neighbor to keep an eye on the place.  FrontierVille is so much more interactive than our real life relationships with our neighbors.  In this game you rely on your neighbors not only to help out on your homestead, but for much needed items to make it through the game.  There are specific items that are only attainable when gifted from friends and there are also items locked until you reach a particular number of friends.  So make sure you find a good bunch and help each other out regularly. Since this game is relatively new there aren’t very many groups on Facebook dedicated to increasing your neighbors list. But the numbers are growing every day.  I found FrontierVille Friends group to be very helpful in expanding my neighbor list.  To find group add on pages: 1. Type “FrontierVille Add” into the Facebook search bar. 2. Choose a group with a large amount of members. 3. “Like” the page. 4. Post a message on wall. “FrontierVille daily player, please add me.”  or… 5. Start selecting group members and “friend” them with “FrontierVille” in the message. 6. Once you have made the new friends, make sure to Invite them to be your neighbor on the Invite tab. *Tip – Keep your Facebook Friends organized by categorizing them.  If you want to avoid communicating game questions on your wall you can send an Inbox Message just to your FrontierVille Neighbors. Creating Facebook Friends Lists 1. Select Friends on the left side of your screen while viewing your Facebook wall. 2. Choose Create a List at the top of the screen. 3. Name the list and click the friends to be added. ENERGY Energy is your most valuable resource!  And as I said before a whole guide could be written on energy strategy.  Early in the game it can be frustrating trying to accomplish anything with such a limited amount of energy. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your energy. Hire Neighbors Your land is overgrown with grass, wildflowers, trees and cactus and you must clear this land to make progress.  If you are short on time and patience you can still get work done. Hire a neighbor to harvest or clear. *Tip- Remember you are limited to hiring 2 neighbors each day, so wait until all your own resources are exhausted to use this feature. Meals Food is gained by harvesting animals and crops, and can be used to purchase meals in the Market. Meals will partially refill your energy meter, allowing you to continue working. Some of the various meals are:




Light Snack

36 Food



80 Food



165 Food



320 Food


7 Course Feast

600 Food


All You Can Eat

10 Horseshoes

Full Refill

Beef Jerky

30 Horseshoes

Full Refill + 3 (permanent increase)

*Tip – Don’t buy more energy than you need. For example, don’t buy a dinner that refills 30 energy when your max energy is 24. Meal Requests Hoard your gifted meals.  You may even send a group message to your neighbors requesting meals when you are not otherwise needing items for a challenge. * Tip- Check your wall regularly for neighbor posts for food  bonuses. Accept Neighbors Work Neighbors working your homestead can yield food and energy, both of which will contribute to your energy meter. * Tip – Make sure to use a little energy before accepting your neighbors work.  If your meter is full you cannot use the energy gained from your neighbors labor. Work Neighbors Homesteads By visiting a neighbors homestead you’ll receive energy points among other items. So make sure you visit all your neighbors every day. *Tip- Again, make sure you exhaust some of your energy before working a neighbors homestead.  Your meter must have a little drained to receive energies earned while working. Working Your Own Homestead Working  the your own homestead will very often yield extra energy. Whether your clearing out wildflowers, clobbering a snake or whacking at a building, a lightning bolt will sometimes pop out. * Tip- Peach trees frequently give off one energy when harvested.

*Tip – Placing decorations like barrels or shovels on your cleared land will stop grasses and wildflowers from re-growing.

Waiting One unit of energy is regained every five minutes. Therefore, the simplest way to reclaim a full meter is by taking a break from the game. Level-Up Leveling-up will completely refill your energy meter and add one permanently to your maximum level. Wall Posts Check your News Feed often because you can find food, energy, coin, experience, etc. off your friends’ Facebook wall posts.  Picking up some extra experience will help you get closer to leveling-up.

Guide to Mafia Wars

This educational guide was not written by Zynga or affiliated with Zynga, it is solely for .

is a Facebook created by Zynga. It is a highly addictive and popular where you build up your mafia family, buy real estate (and bully shop owners to pay you for “protection”), finish jobs for cash and experience and fight to become the Top Mafia.  There are currently 5 locations where you will handle business starting with New York, Bangkok,  Cuba, then to , and the newest edition is Las Vegas.  Each location requires adifferent strategy to master.  This guide will focus on starting and navigating though the in hopes of helping you to develop a strategy to master the .


focuses on completing and mastering jobs with the purpose of increasing in money and levels to win the .  So the opens not with choosing which type of you will be (there’s no avatar to build) but with a .

Complete the jobs as they appear on your screen until you move up in levels and gain in experience.  Once you have gained in enough experience and completed several jobs the will open up for more options.  You’ll be able to build a family, challenge other players to fights, and boosts, and purchase and maintain real estate.


The best way to build your family quickly is by joining groups and requesting new friends. Type into the Facebook and narrow the selection by Groups.  There are many groups dedicated to increasing your family size and also several dedicated to tips and news.  A couple of the most popular pages for new friends are Big E’s Add Group, and Add Fast.  You can join these groups by “liking” the page and post a friend request on the wall.  Or you can start friending people with “” written in the of your request.

Building a large family will help you significantly in your fights. The larger the family, and the more skilled the members, the more likely you are to win in a fight.  Your family member size does matter in a fight so don’t challenge anyone whose family size outmatches yours.

If you are going to be a daily  gamer I would suggest a special Facebook page dedicated to this .  There are regular gifts to share with friends and if you have scores of people in your family then your news feed will be full of updates and extras .


Check your wall regularly for all your family’s achievements that are shared. The more people in your family the more opportunities for great bonuses  but you also have to be quick – there are a limited number of rewards offered per posting.  You also may want to avoid cluttering up your friends walls with all your achievements.  Post only when there are free boosts or skill bonuses to share.


When you start playing you are given the following skills and will earn a total of 5 to spend each time you level-up.

1 Attack

1 Defense

100 Health

10 Energy

3 Stamina


Your attack skill has two main uses.  One, when you instigate an attack (either through a Fight, Robbing, or attempting a Hit), your total attack worth is measured against your defender’s total defense worth. Second, your attack worth also has a slight impact on the damage you cause during an attack or defense.


Defense appears to function in the same way as an attack except that it does not seem to have an effect on damage other than as a point of comparison to your opponent’s health.


There are so many ways to refill your health meter that it is pointless to allocate additional skill points to its increase.  There is no limit to refilling your health but there is a charge.


Energy is your most important skill.  It is encouraged to allocate 40% of your skill points to energy.  Unless there are changes to increase the relevance of other skills Energy currently achieves more success in terms of money, items, and levels. Different jobs require more and more energy to complete.  So allocate those skill point bonuses to Energy.


Your Stamina is used while fighting and in doing jobs.  The Stamina will restore at the same rate as your energy, 1 every 5 minutes. The best advice is to keep your stamina just high enough that you fully control the regeneration timer.


While playing the I found that there were so many  pages that I had difficulty finding my desired location.  There are so many activities it can be a bit overwhelming so here is a brief explanation of what can be found and where to find it.


News -  Limited Featured Items advertisement, mini links, Travel mini links, Daily Checklist, Player Updates, and your family’s Recent Activity.

Stats – View your States from any page.  At the top of the screen view your Cash, Health, Energy,  Stamina, and Experience.

Help – At the top of your screen there is also a Help menu.  You may contact the Zynga
support team, check forums, and get information about cards.


Boss fight - Your boss fight is a practice fight.  Each
level offers a new boss to take on.  Stock up on your weaponry and assault your
current level boss to test your family’s strength.

Level Jobs – You must master each before moving on to
the next level.  “Do ” and accumulate all the weapons necessary to
move ahead.


Under the fights tab you have four additional tabs all
purposed to help you build skill.

Fight - Choose a fighter, or rival to attack.  Choose wisely, attack someone with a larger
family and more weapons and suffer serious hits to your energy and health.

Robbing - Steal from other peoples properties.  Bonuses are awarded for achieving all options.

Declare War - Declaring war is definitely a family affair. Your family is given 6 hours to come to the fight. Each member of your family will get only one attack, so make sure your family is stronger than your opponent before launching  an attack. At the end of the 6 hours the family with the most Top Mafia remaining wins the war.

Hit List-  On the Hit List page you can choose  to attack someone who has been listed.  To volunteer a player for the Hit List click on their name under the fight tab to open their profile and select ”Add to Hit List.”


“Real estate development is a great way to make additional money without the Feds breathing down your neck.” Purchase properties to create an hourly income and upgrade to increase the worth of your property.

does increase the income of each property but some of the larger properties gain hourly income quicker than an upgraded lower property.  Save your money for the larger purchases to earn more profit.

Property List Price Income Earnings Per
Louie’s Deli Undeveloped 250 1 hour
Flop House 17,000 4,800 8 hours
Pawnshop 38,000 16,800 24 hours
Tenement 250,000 240,000 48 hours
Warehouse 450,000 120,000 12 hours
Restaurant 550,000 24,000 2 hours
Dockyard 9,000,000 400,000 8 hours
Office Park 17,000,000 1,800,000 12 hours
Uptown Hotel 24,000,000 4,800,000 24 hours
Mega Casino 41,000,000 14,400,000 48 hours
Chop Shop Build Challenge
Weapons Depot Build Challenge


Under the inventory tab there are four sub-tabs.

Inventory (Mafia Store)

Under the first tab is the Inventory (Mafia Store) there are additional sub-tabs for the kind of loot you can purchase.

1. Weapons – purchase your common thug weaponry here.

2. Armor – buy body armor for extra protection.

3. Vehicles – purchase getaway cars, which are needed for most of your jobs.

4. Animals – under the animals tab you can purchase an animal for extra attack and defensive support.


On the Loot
page view the items you own already , add the ones you want to your wish list, and gift from your inventory to your family.

You may also share your wish list with your family by clicking on the Share Wish List button.

Collections & Vaults

Build a collection and be awarded special skills, items, or boosts.  There are enough collections to fill a guide of its own (with new ones being added all the time).  There are holiday collections, specific collections, crew collections, level specific collections and much more.  The more level tiers opened the more collections there are to work towards completing.

With the exception of the Crew Collections, all collections can be completed by doing jobs on your own.  You can choose to focus on one
collections, like The Tools of the Trade collection, by completing robberies over and over until you have found all the items for that collection.

*Tip – If you are having trouble getting a specific item you can always put it on your Wish List and send out a plea to your family.

The Crew Collections are more difficult to complete than the others however.  They require your mafia’s assistance to complete.   Zynga offers several tips on how to complete a Crew Collection:

Asking for help -

1. You can only put out 1 request for 1 collection every 48

2. Up to 5 Mafia Members can help you on a single request

3. Once a Mafia member decides to help you, they must have
the item drop from a random .  They only have limited time to do so.

Helping your Mafia -

1. You cannot help more than 1 friend at one time.

2. On successfully helping, both you and the friend get the

3. You can only help. up to 5 frie4nds in a 24 hour period.


1. There is no re-vaulting of these collections.

2. You can ask for help once an item drops or straight from
the collections page.

3. New crew collections will be added in the future


Under the gifting tab select items to send to your mafia
family.  You may choose gifts from three categories Collections, Loot and

*Tip – Often a family member may post requests from their
wish list.  Send gifts according to their list and help them complete a


The Marketplace is where to go to purchase boosts, limited
items, and bundles, special loot, and to purchase more reward points.  You can
also redeem your cards or promotional codes here.


(Your Character)

Check your stats, allocate skill points, and view your
completed collections on the Profile tab.  You may also view your weapon
inventory and check your Finances for each location.


View your mini achievements per locations under the
Achievements tab.

Crime Spree

The Crime Spree page is new to .  It is a quick
link to accept all the challenges and gifts from your family members that has
been sent to your notifications page.  You may also start your own crime spree
and send out the request to your family members.



View your current mafia family and your family requests on
the My Mafia page.  You may also see which of your friends have began to play
the so that you can send out family requests to them.  Check your mafia’s
strength and confirm who has not responded to your family member requests.

My Mafia

View your mafia members stats, offer promotions and send
them gifts.

Free Gifts

View special, limited, and rare items to your family members
from the Free Gifts tab.

*Tip – giving items to your friends will increase the power
of your mafia.

is constantly evolving.

How to rule at Bejeweled Blitz

Envious of emeralds? Desirous of diamonds? Get your jewel fix with the game that’s all about sparkle. Bejeweled Blitz is the newest version of the classic game, Bejeweled. It combines the original rules of the game with new features, special gems, and bonuses. Fast-paced, challenging, and highly addictive, it’s currently one of the most popular games on Facebook. Objective: While it can be challenging to earn high scores, the basic rules of Bejeweled Blitz are relatively simple. Earn as many points as possible in the one-minute level by aligning three or more identical gems in a row and making them disappear! The more gems you remove, the more score-boosting bonuses and special Power Gems you can earn. How to Play:
The board with some of the available swaps highlighted

The board with some of the available swaps highlighted

The game is laid out on a grid—eight squares long by eight squares wide. Each square contains an individual gem. To score points, search the board for identically colored gems that can be made in to a row of three or more. Rows can be made vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally. You can only swap one gem at a time to form a row. To swap gems, highlight the first one by clicking on it, and then highlight the other. If a row can be formed, the gems will swap and the row of matching jewels will disappear. If it’s not a valid row, there will be an error sound and both of the gems will be un-highlighted. When you’ve successfully removed a row, all of the gems above it will cascade down and fall into the empty spaces. New gems will come down from the top so the board is always full with 64 gems. Sometimes, the gems falling from the top will meet matching ones and make rows without any moves required. The row will automatically disappear, points will be added, and new gems will continue to fall. Lucky you! Continue making rows until the clock runs out or there are no more moves available and you receive a “No Moves Left” message. GEMOLOGY
Layout of all the different kinds of gems

Layout of all the different kinds of gems

Standard Gems: Theses are normal gems. There are seven different kinds, each with a unique shape and color. Flame Gems: These are created when you make a row of four matching gems. They look like they are on fire and when they are matched in a row, they explode and remove the other gems surrounding them. Star Gem: When you create a row that runs both horizontally and vertically (in an ‘L’ or a ‘T’ shape), you earn a Star Gem. This gem twinkles and when used, it explodes to remove all of the gems lined up in the same row and column. Hypercube: Make a row of five gems to earn a Hypercube. The most effective of the Power Gems, it can be activated by swapping it with any neighboring gem. When swapped, all of the gems identical to the gem it was swapped with will be removed from the board. For instance, if you swap a Hypercube with an emerald, all of the emeralds on the board will disappear. (Read tips on using Hypercubes in the “Strategy” section below.) Multiplying Gems: Multipliers look exactly like the Standard Gems except they have a number on them. These gems are created when twelve or more cubes are removed in one single swap. This can happen by using Power Gems, Hypercubes, or by creating a large cascade. Earning Multipliers can have a huge affect on your score because when you match them, the new points you earn are multiplied by the number on the gem. They not only multiply the points you earn from the match, but also to any extra points you get with a Speed Bonus. Only one Multiplier Gem can be created every ten seconds. If you are fortunate enough to match two Multiplier Gems in the same row, you will get multiplied points for the rest of the game. Jackpot! BONUSES & BOOSTS Bonus Time: To earn a Speed Bonus, you have to make several consecutive matches in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve earned a Speed Bonus, additional points are added to every row you make while it lasts. The higher the Speed Bonus, the more time you have until it runs out. Speed Bonus points can range between +200 and +1000 points per match. If you can keep earning Speed Bonuses for an extended amount of time, you will win an extra Blazing Speed Bonus. During this brief five-second bonus time, each row you make will have the same affect as if you had used a Flame Gem and all of the surrounding jewels will explode. Get a Boost: Boosts are special features that affect how your game starts or ends. Boosts can be purchased using coins, which can either be won with Coin Gems or purchased using Facebook credits. Each purchased boost is good for 3 uses and you can use up to 3 boosts at one time. The Different Kinds of Boosts: Detonator Boost: Appears at the start of the game and when clicked on, every Power Gem will be used at the same time. Scrambler Boost: Appears at the start of the game. When clicked on, it will mix up every jewel on the board and arrange them in a random order. It is good for two uses per game and is a helpful alternative to using the “Hint” button when it becomes difficult to find a possible play. Mystery Gem: The boost for those who like suprises! When used, any jewel will be changed into a random Power Gem at the beginning of the game. Any of the special gems are possible, except for multipliers. 5 Second Boost: Adds five seconds to the end of  your game. Free Multiplier Boost: Your game starts with an automatic x2 multiplier. GOING UP: STRATEGIES FOR SCORING BIG Take a Hint: Stuck? If you are unable to find a match on the board, you can hit the “Hint” button and the game will highlight one of the possible plays. This will cost you points, but it may be better to lose a few points than to waste precious time. Start From the Top: If you start by making rows at the bottom and moving up, a lot depends on luck. Some moves could result in a cascade of matching rows. Others could ruin potential matches on top. Playing from the top to the bottom gives you more control over the game and one Bejeweled Blitz gamer study showed that making matches from the top down resulted in a higher score overall. Maximize Your Matches: Instead of making three-gem rows quickly, search for opportunities to make bigger matches. This will create Hypercubes and Power Gems. These are instrumental in creating the large explosions that earn lots of points and more Multiplier Gems. Bigger matches also clear the board faster and open new matching possibilities. A fast-changing board is better than a stagnant one. Use Hypercubes Wisely: Instead of using Hypercubes immediately, wait for the moment they can gain the most points.  If you can earn a Multiplier Gem before using the Hypercube, you will receive multiplied points for all of the jewels that are removed. If you don’t have a Multiplier, evaluate the board and swap the Hypercube with the gem that has the highest amount on the board. More Power: If you have two Power Gems, try to detonate them close together. When used at the same time, they will result in a Multiplier. Don’t hold a Power Gem too long though, because the game is so fast-paced. Plan Ahead: Mentally divide the board in half. Once you’ve made a row on one side of the screen, don’t wait see how the gems fall. Immediately look to the other side where the jewels aren’t moving and start making your next matching row. You don’t have to wait for the board to settle to make more matches.

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Vampire Wars

Vampire Wars is a game created by Zynga where you create your own vampire avatar, build a clan from other Vampire Wars players, gain skills by completing challenges and fight to be the most powerful vampire of all.  This educational guide was not written by Zynga or affiliated with Zynga, it is solely for educational purposes. Read on for game play tips. GETTING STARTED Avatar There are three types of vampire avatars to choose from.  Each has its particular game playing benefits. The choices are: v  Primeval (previously “Animalistic”) = Faster Health Restore v  Noble (previously “Ravenous”) = Faster Blood Flow (from minions) v  Modern (previously “Punk”) = Faster Energy Restore Once you have chosen which type of vampire you would like to be then you get to play dress up!  Choose between male and female, body type and hair color.  You may even choose how to dress your avatar and what image will be in the background. As you move further into the game and accrue in blood and skill you may purchase additional dress items. Building Clan The best way to build your clan quickly is by joining groups and requesting Vampire War friends. Type Vampire Wars into the FB search tab and narrow the selection by Groups.  There are many groups dedicated to increasing your clan size but a couple of the most popular are Vampire Wars – Add 600+ in 60 Minutes! and Vampire Wars (Mass Add). You can join these groups  and post a friend request on the wall or you can start friending people with “Vampire Wars” written in the subject line of your request. If you are going to be a daily VW gamer I would suggest a special FB page dedicated to this game.  There are continuous gifts to share with friends and if you have scores of people in your clan then your news feed will be full of VW updates and extras. Allocating Skill Points Set the baseline for your skill points on your Stats page.  After a certain period of time (which depends on which level you are on) those points will be replenished. Your skill points are essential for playing this game.  Where you put those points determines how much game play you will get.  For example if you put the majority of your points into Rage (which takes a 2 point minimum to increase) and less into your health, you may win all your fights, but you will only get to fight a couple of times and will not win very much blood as fighting uses up health faster than rage.   And since you are a vampire – blood is essential so you want to fight!  All of your skills will reset after a certain number of minutes, but it’s best to be smart in how you allocate rather than waiting for it to refill to play. Your Energy and Health will be the two skills that you will want to increase the most, with health being the most important.  After playing the game a few times I would suggest reallocating your points (you get a freebee to do this initially on the Elders tab).  Health is the most important skill for fighting, allowing you to fight longer, and you use the Energy for your missions. At the bottom of the Fledgling page under the Mission tab there is a practice fight option with Baba Yaga.  I highly recommend you increase your Health to a minimum of 125 before taking her on.  She’s not as frail as she looks! Your goal for a strategically played game would be working towards allocating a minimum of Health to 125, Energy to 50,  Rage to 10, Attack to 10, and Defense to 10.  Really, the longer you play and the more you Level Up you will continue to increase these skill numbers but initially build your Health to 125 before taking on Baba Yaga and to ensure more fighting opportunities. There are other areas where you can earn extra skill points.  One additional skill point can be earned for every mastered mission or trophy earned. Freebies On Your Wall Check your wall regularly for all your vamp clans achievements that are shared.  The more people in your clan the more opportunities for great bonuses but you also have to be quick – there is a limited number offered per posting. You also may want to avoid cluttering up your friends walls with all your achievements.  Post only when there are free boosts or skill bonuses to share. The Dead Bull 50% Energy Boost is an example of one of the many boosts you may find posted on your wall.  This boost I use often to cram in a few more missions. Using The Boosts When you run out of energy or health… don’t use the Favor Points! You may use a boost to refill or partially fill your energy or health.  Go to the Coffin tab and the Stats page and scroll down to your boosts.  Select a boost from your inventory to use it. Navigating Game Pages While playing the game I found that there were so many game pages that I had difficulty finding my desired location.  I kept wanting to purchase minions for example, or gamble my blood for a prized ability but I wouldn’t remember where to go to do these things. There are so many activities it can be a bit overwhelming so here is a brief explanation of what can be found and where to find it. News -  Limited Ability advertisement, mini game links, quick links to blood gambling games such as Akem’s Gamble and Blood Magic.  A quick link to the Collectors page, Avatar Judgments, clan Gifts link, and clan News Feed can all also be found in the News page. Stats – View and allocate your Skill Points, change Avatar Title, Fighting Statistics, Blood Flow, and Inventory of the following: Boosts, Mission Items, Offensive skills, Defensive skills, Movement skills, Minions, and lastly Trophies. Trophies – A list of all the trophies you may earn in each category.  The categories being: Character, Missions, Earnings, Combat, and Special.  The trophies you have already earned are colored while the ones you have yet to achieve are in gray scale. Avatar – Edit your avatar’s appearance and visit the Avatar Items Shop Comments – Leave comments for an individual player or for your whole clan. Judgments – Judge other players avatars as Tasty (+2), Tempting (+1), or Toxic (-1). These judgments affect the overall scores of the players you vote on.  To put yourself on the judgment block visit the Stats page and select “Share avatar with friends.” Invite – Add new clan members from your Face Book contacts. My Clan – View all your clan members and send them personal gifts. Play a mission to mastery according to your skill level.  Levels here are listed in order of lowest to highest:  Fledgling, Neophyte, Adept, Savant, Stalker, Deathbringer, Vindicator, and Scion.  You may also purchase new abilities on this page when they are needed to complete a mission. Fight – All the players currently playing at your skill ranking are listed on this page for you to.  You may also check out their stats, judge their avatar, volunteer them for the Hitlist, Bite or Attack all by selecting their names. Hitlist – Contains  list of players nominated for attack. Fight Leaderboard – Fighting statistics for Your Clan and Overall players. Abilities – Choose to purchase Offensive, Defensive, and Movement abilities with your blood. Minions – Dominate minions to build up regular blood. Avatar Shop – Edit and purchase avatar items. Council – Purchase boosts and stamina for Favor Points.  Also may purchase additional Favor Points using credit card. Akem’s Gamble – Gamble Akem for rare abilities. Blood Magic – Gamble with Mandy (super creepy vampire child) for boosts and bonuses.. and the occasional curse. Crypt – visit treasure chest each day at the same time for four consecutive days to see what is in the chest. Collector – Elder Jeremy can find you anything…. for a cost. Artisans – Use collected wings to purchase a bonus set. Help – A brief description of game play and FAQs. Forum – View and post questions, check on latest game play news, and VW updates. Support – Problem search engine. STRATEGIC GAME PLAY Building Skill This game is all about building power by increasing blood, enlarging your clan, winning fights and completing missions.  It is a juggling act of growing everything from your energy and health to blood and kills.  Strategy is important.  So learn to juggle all these factors to increase your power and plan well.  Everything you do will affect your skill rating so here are a number of strategies to help keep you on a constant skill increase. 1. Keep that blood flowing!  You’re a vampire now and blood is critical so buy, buy, buy those minions. The more minions you have in your control the more blood you will increase regularly.  Also, when you begin to gain abilities they will start to require blood to maintain them so stock up on that tasty blood. 2. Build up your clan.  A couple of the benefits to having a large clan that I have noticed are more opportunities for bonuses on your wall, and more support in a fight.  You can still beat a vampire in combat who has a larger clan than you – but it’s always helpful to have that backup. 3. It is crucial to win your fights.  To insure a win click on a vamps name (highlighted in yellow)on the Combat page with a lower skill level than yourself and check their vampire profile.  I make sure only to fight vamps 100 or more skill points below me and this seems to work out well. On the vamps profile look at two things before you fight them.  1. make sure that they have a nice fight loss to win ratio (though you still may win the fight if their overall skill level is significantly lower than yours.  But it’s better to be safe than sorry).  And 2. that they have enough minions to make it worth your while.  If you win a fight and receive less than 100,000 blood move onto the next vamp.  You’re health will be used up quickly while fighting and you cannot fight below 20 health points so don’t waste those points on a thirsty vamp.  Blood is your life force and the more minions they have, the more blood you can win in a fight. Defeating other vamps is the quickest way to win a lot of blood fast.  It’s good to have a steady blood flow from your minions but you can gain millions in blood with just a few minutes of strategic fighting.  That blood is important folks so be very thoughtful before initiating a fight.  And unless you bank you blood (see below for banking blood) before each and every fight a lost fight to a big opponent could mean a big loss of blood! 4. master your missions.  to master your missions you have to simultaneously increase in blood to buy more abilities and continue to use and refill your rage and energy.  The rage I don’t really worry about - that really takes a long time to run out.  But the energy will run out quite quickly.    It is all a juggling act with using your skills so see Allocating Skill Points for a few tips on distributing them to your benefit. Leveling Up Every Level Up is going to get you a refill on all skill levels and an additional five points to allocate where you’d like. Level Up by gaining in experience.  And experience is gained by completing missions and fighting.  Missions and fighting, missions and fighting, missions and fighting…. Don’t forget it.

Stockpiling Blood

You can bank your blood to keep it safe during a fight and from Mandy when you gamble ( That brat doesn’t always hand out bonuses). To do this go to “Visit your blood bank” on the Stats page under the Coffin tab.  You will lose 10% with your initial deposit, but if you have a lot you might want to keep it safe from prying or mischievous hands. Favor Points Favor points can be used to purchase special items such as an ability available for a limited time, additional boosts and even skill points.  Since boosts, skill points, and rare items are awarded through clan members wall posts, completing missions, and gambling I reserve my favor points for unusual abilities that are offered.  Favor points accrue very slowly so if you don’t want to wait there is always the option to purchase more. This is the game in a nutshell.  Remember to take on many challenges to win trophies,  find hidden gifts and abilities;  fight other players and attack those minions to gain more blood…. oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the game!

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